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Our Story

Sarah and Lee Medley know the importance of downtime and love to find unique getaways and experiences. With 6 children and busy schedules, the Medleys are intentional about setting aside a few days at the end of every year to retreat (without the kids!) and reflect on the previous year. This yearly planning trip is also an opportunity to dream big and set goals for the future. When staying in a single secluded treehouse for one year’s retreat, The Medleys began dreaming of a place where couples, families and friends could escape the hustle, reflect on the past, dream about the future, and connect as family and friends. For the Medleys, there’s no better place for this than nature–where one can take a deep breath, go on a walk, sit by the fire, read a book, get sleep, regenerate the mind, connect with nature…and with each other.


Sarah and Lee set out to create In the Trees–A resort where people can find the elusive escape we all crave–where people will come, if ever so briefly, to heal. In the Trees offers something simple–a chance to be right here, right now, without worry.

Cheers To Your Next Vacation 🍾

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